Certification of Cloud Security Expertise

Cloud computing has made its way deep into an internet organization and is now almost everywhere with every new technological advancement, comes new challenges, new threats, and new vulnerabilities.
Securing the cloud is the critical need of the industry to ensure cloud computing is implemented effectively and securely. This certificate helps you to establish a secure cloud network and maintain it with minimum incidents. It enables administrations/managers to protect the cloud infra against threats and attacks.
CCSE is a vendor Neutral certification.

About the exam

  • No of questions – 100
  • Exam duration – 2 hours
  • Exam format – Multiple Choice Question
  • Exam Mode – Online
  • Exam Code – EHL CCSE
Module 1 Introduction to Cloud
Module 2 Different Cloud Infrastructure
Module 3 Cloud Security
Module 4 Infrastructure Security
Module 5 Data & Storage Security
Module 6 Privacy in the Cloud
Module 7 Securing Management
Module 8 Audit & Compliance
Module 9 Identity & Access Management
Module 10 Cloud Security Policies