Digital Defense Designer

A company today is good as its network. Every company relies on a good network information implementation to perform its daily operating. A network is the nervous system of any infrastructure and it’s critically important that it counters the way it is denied to be.
Network administration must be equipped with necessary skills to create, manage and secure the network.
The certification target audience is network architects, network administrator, technical designers, CIOs, Network maintenance and support staff.

About the exam

  • No of questions – 100
  • Exam duration – 2 hours
  • Exam format – Multiple Choice Question
  • Exam Mode – Online
  • Exam Code – EHL 3D3
Module 1 Computer Fundamentals
Module 2 Network Security introduction
Module 3 Threats, Vulnerabilities, Risks and Attacks
Module 4 Network Protocols, control devices, and Infrastructure
Module 5 Network Policy Design and Implementation
Module 6 Firewall Configuration and Hardening
Module 7 Physical Security
Module 8 IDS Configuration and Management
Module 9 Secure VPN Management
Module 10 Wireless Network Security/Defense
Module 11 Network Migration
Module 12 Traffic Monitoring & Analysis
Module 13 Vulnerabilities Assessment
Module 14 Incident Response and Crisis Management
Module 15 Network Failure Rectification