E-DNA Examiner

E-DNA examiner explores the world of digital forensics. Digital forensics investigation is not just for law enforcement agencies, they are now an integral part of every company’s security and incident response team. Be it insider attacks, a corporate espionage, or a data breach, E-DNA examiner certified professional is sure to trace it back to the culprit.
The certification entails the concept of investigation and training the breadcrumbs after an incident to implicate the culprit/attackers.

About the exam

  • No of questions – 100
  • Exam duration – 2 hours
  • Exam format – Multiple Choice Question
  • Exam Mode – Online
  • Exam Code – EHL EDNA
Module 1 Computer Forensic
Module 2 Forensic Investigation Process
Module 3 Understanding Hard Disk and File Systems
Module 4 Data Acquisition & Duplication
Module 5 Anti-Forensic Techniques & Defeating Threats
Module 6 Operating System Forensic
Module 7 Network Forensic
Module 8 Investigating Web Attacks
Module 9 Database Forensic
Module 10 Cloud Forensic
Module 11 Malware Forensic
Module 12 Mobile Forensic
Module 13 Email Crime Investigation
Module 14 Cyber Law Basics
Module 15 Preparing Examine Reports
Module 16 Implicating A Cyber Criminal