Information Security Crisis Manager

An incident happens and disasters occur, they are avoidable but inevitable crisis manager ensures that they cause the least impact on the business and recover as soon as possible.
A crisis manager must have the ability to act decisively under pressure and respond in a swift manner to protect damage to the client and the company. Crisis manager should b well versed with business continuity planning and seamless movements in an incident.

About the exam

  • No of questions – 100
  • Exam duration – 2 hours
  • Exam format – Multiple Choice Question
  • Exam Mode – Online
  • Exam Code – EHL ISCM
Module 1 Incident Handly & Response
Module 2 Risk assessment
Module 3 Crisis Management
Module 4 Crisis Management Team & Need for it
Module 5 Handline Network Breaches Incidents
Module 6 Handling Software or Malware Incidents
Module 7 Handing Insiders Attacks
Module 8 Crisis Investigation & Analysis
Module 9 Crisis Management Policies & Framework
Module 10 Recovery from Crisis
Module 11 Crisis Prevention