Social Engineering Prevention Damage Control

Social Engineering Prevention & Damage Control focus on social engineering and how it is a targeted attack. Social engineering often ignored as a security threat and focus is shifted on strengthen the core network /architecture. This is what hacker’s leverages and are able to penetrate the security as human resources are considered to be the weakest link in the security chain. It based on more human psychology than actual computer hacking.
Hence, this certification is more important for every employee of the company than just Security Team.

About the exam

  • No of questions – 100
  • Exam duration – 2 hours
  • Exam format – Multiple Choice Question
  • Exam Mode – Online
  • Exam Code – EHL SEPDC
Module 1 Social Engineering Overview
Module 2 Social Engineering Attack Cycles and Methods
Module 3 Intelligence Gathering
Module 4 Elicitation
Module 5 Developing Pretext
Module 6 Key Psychological Principals
Module 7 Social Engineering Matrix
Module 8 Creating a Human Firewall
Module 9 Implementing The Human Firewall