Secure Code Assistance

The service is almost exclusion to new product developers or startups. Emerging startups is the rush to capture market/ audience sometimes launch their product a little too early without proper auditing and testing and sometimes leaves major loopholes in their final products.
We assist such start-ups/product developers to build a stronger & secure product while enabling them to protect their valuable data of their users.
The applications audit is usually done free of cost but for secure coding, if we need to engage resources for our proof of professionals, we may charge, nominal fee for their efforts and time.

Secure Code Assistance practice focuses on identifying security bugs and design flaws across the software development lifecycle. Our holistic approach organically combines strategic, white box (static code analysis), and black box (penetration testing) services. We also help clients with validation, developer training, and the identification of the root causes to prevent vulnerabilities from reemerging.
The enterprise today is under attack from criminal hackers and other malicious threats. As the enterprise network has become more secure, attackers have turned their attention to the application layer, which now contains 90 percent of all vulnerabilities, according to Gartner. To protect the enterprise, security administrators must perform detailed software code security analysis when developing or buying software. Yet such software code security analysis can be extremely costly—on-premises software solutions are expensive to purchase, deploy and maintain, and they can easily impair development timelines to the point where speed-to-market is compromised.

Areas covered in our code review process are:

  • Architecture Review
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Security coding vulnerabilities
  • Error and Logging
  • Web services and SOA Assessment
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Functional Vulnerabilities
  • Other secure coding practices